Cannabis businesses in Ecuador grow stronger

The first International Business Roundtable for the purchase of non-psychoactive medicinal cannabis flower and biomass in Ecuador was a success in its first two versions in the Ecuadorian capital: Quito and in Salinas in the province of Santa Elena.

The hard collaborative work with the main organizer of the event Best Hemp Ecuador , gave its results with a large number of people who met in the two cities in search of different investment options in cannabis in Ecuador.

For Luis Almeida, principal of our company: "the event met the expectations of creating a professional environment" for the closing of businesses around the cultivation of cannabis (medicinal and industrial) in Ecuador"

The event that covered the areas of commercialization, extraction, planting and even with the activation of the model of cannabis agrotourism with the Cannabis Museum that SantaCann maintains in our Cannabis Center in Dos Mangas (Manglaralto) had dozens of people from the health, agricultural and tourism sectors.

From SantaCann our thanks to the participating public and to those who wish to connect with the world of business with cannabis in Ecuador and to other countries, we invite you to contact us.